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NATORI'S CLUB goal is to assist the Aspiring/Experienced Model, Talent and Individual to Build Character, Positive Image and Self Confidence in themselves, to pursue the career of their choice; rather it be modeling/acting or any industry they desire.  My job is to mentor them with my experience and tools to guide them to succeed in not just a career, but in everyday life.

My name is Alnisia Cruz, founder of Natori's Club; Successful Skills to Succeed within the Modeling Industry (Modeling Bootcamp); Models for Print, Catalog and Television, and author of the Original Models' Organizer, founded in 1999.  As a successful model, spanning a career from childhood to adulthood, I have gained valuable experience not only in the obvious components of modeling, but more importantly, the business aspects of this exciting industry.  The knowledge that I have accumulated over the years facilitated my transition from modeling to the business of modeling.  

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Modeling Bootcamp ~ Steps to Success workshops created to educate the aspiring model on the standards of the modeling industry, experienced model to learn that competitive edge and actors to overcome public speaking and self-confidence skills and more.  Initially began in the NY/NJ area, onto NV, now in AZ.  Over the last 20 years our workshops have assisted women, men, parents and children of all ages with the tools to be successful in this wonderful world of Modeling.  Some also use the personal and development skills offered in our business of modeling workshops in their every day life.  We continue to have much success and excited to offer these golden tools to You! 

Models for Print, Catalog and Television continues to offer "certified models" trained through our own - one of a kind - Modeling Bootcamp workshops. Started in the NY/NJ area, representing over 200 Talents and a direct client list of 105 of the top producing clients. 

Least to say our models kept busy and we required every job to be a paying job, no matter the amount.  It was also an honor to work with every client.  All models were eager to learn the business of modeling and how to get the most out of their modeling career, which was always a win/win situation! 

Original Models' Organizer published in 1999  - a one of a kind Natori's Club original,; patented, copywrited annual Day-Timer.  This was created as a models' personal assistant.  To keep track of all daily activities.. hitting the pavement, it even calculates your end of year taxes. One of my favorites.

NATORI'S CLUB; Modeling and Talent Agency - Phoenix AZ! To launch July 2018. 

We are so excited to represent models that we know are serious about their modeling career and will be certified not just in the business fundamentals of modeling, but interpersonal development and career building skills. Our Goal is to ensure the client that our models will be professional, doing the best job possible.  And to ensure our models, they are being represented with the highest standards and expect nothing less.

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