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Established in New York 1999, Natori's Club Modeling and Talent Agency educate aspiring models on standards of the modeling industry. The agency teaches a large pool of new and established models as well as talents that are trained and certified in catalog, print, film, and television. In July 2018, Natori's Club relaunched in Arizona. The agency continues to ensure professionalism and the best representation of any brand with the expertise from the director Alnisia Cruz,

our MODEls

Natori's Club models and talents have appeared on several prints and catalogs including campaigns with Park Lane Jewelry, JCPenny, Microsoft, Kendra Scott, OXDX Clothing, Being Dapper. & Milos Designs. ThinkBox H, Brighton, and Yellow Productions have worked with
Natori's Club as well.
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Alnisia Cruz was a successful child model in Gimbles catalogs. She was a Former Miss Revlon and appeared on over 30 covers. Additionally, Alnisia worked as a spokesmodel for various talk shows including Good Morning Montgomery. She continued to work with 50+ national retail brands including Maybelline, Clairol, Calvin Klein, Jordache, Canandaigua Wines, Smirnoff, Seagram's, and Victorica's Secret. With over 30 years of experience, Alnisia's career transitioned from modeling to business. 

Alnisia first founded Natori's Club through her modeling boot camps in 1997; Business of Modeling: Steps To SuccessThese workshops have assisted women, men, and children of all ages with the tools to be successful in this wonderful industry.

The goal of Natori's Club is to provide high-quality modeling and acting services for the needs of advertisement agencies, fashion companies, and businesses of any category. We represent models that are serious about building their modeling career and learning about the fundamentals of business professionalism.  For our models and clients, we ensure that they are being represented with the highest standards and expect nothing less.

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