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Natori’s Club Successful Skills to Succeed within the Modeling Industry, LLC was founded in 1999. We assist both the aspiring model along with the experienced model that inquire to learn about the industry.

Founder and CEO, A. Cruz, a successful model that spanned her career from childhood to adulthood, gained valuable experience in the main components of modeling but more importantly, the business aspects of this exciting and lucrative industry.  The knowledge Ms. Cruz has accumulated over the years facilitated her transition from modeling to the business of modeling.

Ms. Cruz believes to be successful in any career; it is a valuable tool to educate yourself on many aspects of the industry you pursue.  The modeling industry is challenging, but also rewarding when you are familiar with the proper standards. These workshops help upcoming and experienced models to be clearer and more confident about the industry; it also teaches how to build confidence that can be applied in everyday life.  This will give you the opportunity to be part of an educational program that is normally only taught through years of experience. 

OUR GOAL: To assist both the aspiring and experienced model along with individuals that wish to build their character, positive image, and self- confidence in their pursuit of the desired career. Proving experience and tools that can also be applied in everyday life"

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