This is not a book ... it's a system....  The process to get and keep you connected to your business. The Original Models' Organizer is one of the best tools that has been created in the modeling industry and is "one of a kind".  Once you have your own Models' Organizer, you are automatically named the CEO of your business.  This system will organize, keep track, follow up, be your brain, calculate your payments, and format year end taxes. Again, you are the CEO and every CEO has a system, and this one is yours!  

It is your responsibility to keep track of your business. You should know what's going on, at all times.  There is so much communication, travel, competition and money in this rewarding industry. You want to make sure the time and energy you put in - you get back (at least 3x+).  You should not depend on someone else to be in charge of your career and financial independence.

The Original Models' Organizer is designed to create a system for your modeling success.  LET YOUR MODELS' ORGANIZER DO THE WORK FOR YOU. 

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