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Ms. Cruz's professionalism and knowledge of the modeling world was very apparent. She is personable and I would be interested in using her expertise again.

- City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation

Ms. Cruz was a motivating speaker at our fall presentation and her knowledge of the modeling industry was well accepted. My staff has used some of the techniques she has written in her book on organization skills. This is a person who goes the extra mile.

- Joseph Guyton, Starbase 2000 Corporation

We recently worked closely with Alnisia and Natori's Club for the Spring Fashion Show. From the very beginning, Alnisia brought such vibrancy and excitement to our meetings and conversations. She had a deliberate and creative vision for her first Fashion Show in the valley. We at Kendra Scott were so proud to be able to be a featured Jewelry Designer at her show. She elevated the event with amazing models, colors, and energy. We are proud partners of Natori's Club and will continue to support such an amazing organization and all that Alnisia does.

Paige Parsons, Kendra Scott Area Manager

I have consulted with Alnisia on several projects and found her to be way thorough person. She highly attentive to detail, ensuring that each project objectives are met on time and within projected cost.

Her work ethic is beyond reproach and refreshing to experience. I know she has had a successful modeling agency in the NY area and was licensed bonded and certified. Her models were always working for print, catalog, and television. She has great morals and values, personally and professionally; I highly recommend her.

- Rickey Johnson, Juniques Multi-Cultural Connections

Thank you so much for having the Charm & Royalty team as part of your original designer showcase! We appreciate the opportunity to debut our new Aria Fari collection at your event.

-  Charm & Royalty Inc.

Ms. Cruz was a volunteer speaker at our school. She spoke with over 180 eighth graders. She was punctual and enthusiastic and her presentation was very engaging. She received positive comments from girls and boys alike.

- Centennial Middle School

During the process of putting together Natori’s Gala Club Fashion Show, the designers got to choose their models. This group of males and females was the most diverse casting I have encountered and this is very important to me as my brand embraces diversity in women. The casting was organized and while experience levels varied across the board, I could tell that Alnisia had prepared the models substantially. I would love to work with Alnisia again and I believe she has a huge impact on everyone she comes in contact with. She is kind, professional, organized, and experienced with having her own agency.

- Lauren Reece, LaursTruly Director & Head Designer

Alnisia Cruz was living on the East Coast when she first started teaching classes. She taught from rented space or from her own backyard about how to avoid scams and how to be professional in the modeling business. She didn't charge for the classes because, to her, it didn't seem right. She was simply sharing her knowledge.

Eventually, her classes took off and students who she had built good relationships with would often come back and ask her to represent them. When her daughter was born and some of the agencies she had worked for in the past wanted to represent her daughter, she decided to do it herself. She did her research, got licensed, and became an agent. Within three months of starting her agency, Natori's Club, named after her daughter, she had 100 clients. Cruz hopes the things she teaches can make her students successful in whatever business they want to pursue.

- Allison Hurtado, Ahwatukee Foothills News Reporter

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