Thank you so much for letting me participate in your amazing event. It was a lot of fun to work around such awesome people.

- hightierphoto@gmail.com - Photographer


Thank you It was a beautiful event!

Amazing people all the way around; coordination, communication, designers, hair and makeup and models. Thank you for letting me be part of your event, I look forward to working with you in the future.

 - Jenny Kaufman - Photographer


What a night last night! I had such an amazing time! I’m glad you let me be apart of something that I never thought I would be apart of.

- Marisa Rodriguez - Model

Thanks for everything! Congrats to the whole team!  The event was such a pleasure

- Shannon P - Model

This was an Amazing Event! Kudos to all of the stylists/ artists involved in the production. I hope to work with all of you again. Congrats Alnisia!!

-Latika Barmore - Make-up Artist

Yes, definitely looking forward to working with you again.

Thank you 

- Paul Torres aka Dj Private

It was my pleasure! 

Kameo Rushing – Hair Stylist


Thank you so much for sharing!   

Kiyonte – Model

Thank you Alnisia!

Cindy Comer - Model

It's really good working with a company that has a spiritual foundation and puts God first. My son really enjoyed working with Natori's Club.

- Minister Richardson, Deven's Dad

Ms. Cruz professionalism and knowledge of the modeling world was very apparent. She is personable and I would be interested in using her expertise again.

- City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation

The Fashion Show was a HIT,  I appreciate everything you did for us, and I hope this is the beginning to your on going success, you did an awesome job as the Announcer.  I m so happy to have met you, and all the wonderful people around you, you are a beautiful, and good soul.

- Melissa Juarez Borden - Model

Thank you so much for having the Charm & Royalty team as part of your original designer showcase! We appreciate the opportunity to debut our new Aria Fari collection at your event.

- Charm & Royalty Inc. - Eve Clark, Creative Director – Designer

Congrats on an amazing event !! 

Maile Hooser Mother of Brooklinn (Model/Dancer)

I am very excited and grateful to be a part of the 2018 Gala Fashion Show! It's a great opportunity and good learning experience for me. Lots of hard work is going in to making such a great moment for everybody. I really love working with such motivated people. Excited for more great experiences to come!

- Erika Hall-Model

It was a pleasure working with all of you. Hope to see you all around! – Model –Sara V

Ms. Cruz was a motivate speaker at our fall presentation and her knowledge of the modeling industry was well accepted. My staff has used some of the techniques she has written in her book on organization skills. This is a person who goes the extra mile.

- Joe Guyton StarBase 2000 Corp.

Madame Cruz has constructed a brilliant, inspired, and thorough presentation for her breakthrough class concerning the Business of Modeling. It is immensely informative, for both the amateur and professional in this industry, throwing a light into the shadows of how everything is supposed to function, from the nuances of etiquette to the lesser known complexities of actual industry work, relations and requirements. Coupled with her extraordinary background, experience and accolades, it is a must-do for any person who wants to have a better understanding of the industry and their place in it, taught to them from somebody who's climbed the mountain and faced the pitfalls, only to have achieved success. A true insiders perspective on the business side of modeling, that I would most certainly recommend, 10/10 and would attend again 

- Chelan "ZEROHAWK" Schumacher

(model, performer and professional fighter)


I knew Ms. Cruz was passionate and well educated when she spoke about the modeling industry on a personal level. Hearing her knowledge and knowing she is always there to help anyway she can is AMAZING.

-Miranda Honey

Ms. Cruz was a volunteer speaker at our school. She spoke with over 180 eighth graders. She was punctual and enthusiastic and her presentation was very engaging. She received positive comments from girls and boys alike.

- Centennial Middle School

​I was a teenage model of Natori's Club and worked part time with Ms. Cruz and it was the most exciting time of my life to see the ins and outs of a modeling industry coming from a true professional. She always put children of her school and agency first.

- Katura

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