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Successful Skills to Succeed in the Modeling Industry

NATORIS CLUB; Steps To Success MODELING BOOTCAMP workshops are carefully designed for beginners with the desire to be part of the Modeling Industry, but don't know the appropriate steps. Also for the experienced Models who want to gain a competitive edge.

Agents, photographers and leaders in the industry are so busy making sure their talents are placed with the right jobs and best clients; they rarely have time to educate the model on proper business and personal etiquette that can only be taught through years of experience.

Classes are illustrated to educate the Model on the "other side"; the agency, photographer, the client, the 'audition', competition, pay schedules and how to get hired!  On your photoshoots, auditions and hired jobs; the model not only know how to apply, walk and showcase.  It is also expected to have proper etiquette to impress and be unforgettable and get hired, not just for 1 job but many..


These tools make it a win/win situation; for the agent, model and client.


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